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James Brown: From A to Z

James Brown is an acclaimed British textile and surface print designer who has worked in the clothing industry for 10 years. His previous projects include producing print designs for numerous brands, from Levis to Louis Vuitton, and also commissioned prints for the Victoria & Albert Museum shop.

James teamed up with Pitfield London to present an exhibition of prints from March 1st - 31st. This series of artworks consists of colourful alphabet linocuts which reflect the artist’s interest in the printed and typographic ephemera of pop culture.

The artworks are printed using the linocut technique in two colours, but engineered so as to only use one plate to create each piece. The first colour is applied, then the lino plate is rotated and the second colour is overlaid. Depending on the letter, the first colour printed is either half of the finished character or acts as a background texture. Playing with levels of the inks opacity allows a third colour to be created and is vital to the readability of each letter.

All the prints are hand-made using traditional techniques, and these incredible limited edition pieces will be available for purchase at the exhibition.




  • artexhibitionfashionpitfield londonprinttextiles